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Agriculture is an industry that is constantly evolving with market, technological and social change - why wouldn't you want to be involved?

Agriculture is the cultivation and processing of animals, plants and other life forms for food, fibre and other by-products for humans.

Agriculture is one of the largest contributors to New Zealand’s economy. Studying this discipline will provide you with the theoretical, analytical and management skills to progress the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural systems. It encompasses farming, agriculture service industries, consulting services, research and development and sales and marketing areas, which means that courses can lead onto a variety of different careers across the agriculture spectrum.

Agriculture is very interdisciplinary, so students interested in a variety of different things choose to study it. Agriculture combines subjects such as biology, economics, chemistry and environmental science and therefore never gets boring.

The world is at a point where Agriculture has never been more important. With a growing population and declining resources, the discipline needs innovative minds to think of ways to feed and nourish the world’s population in a rapidly changing climate.

Studying agriculture means getting a holistic grasp of the economic, social and environmental issues the world faces, in order to develop agricultural systems that can tolerate these new pressures

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Agricultural Business Consultant

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