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Everyday you are influenced by advertising campaigns – walking down the street, sitting on the bus, watching TV or listening to the radio.

Advertising is about storytelling. It’s not just selling products, its selling ideas, emotions and lifestyles. In order to this, you need to be able understand people and to think creatively. There are different branches of advertising which cater for different personality types and skill sets.

The study of advertising looks at the theory and practice of advertising, which is essentially a form of communication used to inspire or persuade. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behaviour to a commercial offering. You will gain insight into the diverse knowledge and disciplines that underpin marketing communications and advertising, build an independent and analytical understanding of how advertising functions and how it interrelates with other disciplines.

Some different types of roles include: account executives, media planners, researchers, art directors, copywriters and advertising sales.

Here’s the breakdown of three main jobs you will be aiming to study towards:

Account executives: These people have great communication and people skills. They are responsible for being the liaison between employers and the firm - making sure the client is happy, and feels like their ideas are being heard. An employer’s campaign is called an ‘account’ in the advertising world. An account executive may be managing more than one account at a time, so they must have impeccable time management skills and work well under pressure.

Copywriters: A copywriter must have a way with words. They take everyone’s ideas for campaigns and write them in a way that sounds appealing for a consumer. They are part of the creative team, writing everything from print adverts to a company’s Facebook statuses.

Graphic Designer/ Art Designer: The designers work with various parts of the team and are in charge of the visual look of an advertisement. Designers must be ready to sketch up various ideas under tight time constraints, so must be efficient and flexible creatively. 

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