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Do not be fooled if you think that all accountants do is deal with numbers - it involves far more than number crunching - including a high level of people and systems management, understanding of legal compliance and solid leadership skills.

Accounting is often referred to as the language of business and is central to almost all business and managerial activities from securing finance for a new business, helping the business prepare reasonable and true reports of profit and business activity and directing on how best to manage revenues and costs, to listing on the share market. Everyone without knowing it uses accounting in some form or another on a daily basis - accounting is part of quantifying, communicating, and understanding financial activity.

Whether you are preparing a domestic household budget, balancing your bank account, preparing your income tax return, or running a large corporation you are working with accounting theories and accounting information. Parties such as the government, cities, boards of trustees, individuals and businesses all use accounting as a basis for monitoring their resources and measuring their activities. Everyone needs some knowledge and basic understanding of accounting if they are to act logically and efficiently in meeting the demands of our society.

Medium_smayne_lthumb Sharon Mayne
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Financial controller for CSL Limited in Hong Kong

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