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Sir James Scholarship for Food Technology

Provided by: Heinz Wattie's

Provided by: Heinz Wattie's

Value: $2,500 per year

Tenure: Four years

Heinz Wattie's are providing $10,000 annually for a scholarship in Food Technology at Massey University. The scholarship is divided into $2,500 per annum for a maximum of four years, which is to be awarded annually to a first year student completing a Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons).

The successful applicant will be selected based on academic merit and demonstration from the student of their passion for Food Technology. In order to apply, students must be a New Zealand citizen and be enrolled or intending to enroll full-time in the first year of a Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons).

Following the first year, subsequent scholarship payments will depend on successful completion of the previous year's study.