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Sinclair Scholarship

Value: $500 per year

Tenure: Three years

Mr Thomas Bannatyne Gillies, a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, presented to the Council, in the year 1884, the sum of Stg3000 for the purpose of founding two science Scholarships, one to be called the Sinclair Scholarship, in memory of Dr Andrew Sinclair, uncle of the late Mrs Gillies, the other to be called the Gillies Scholarship, for the assistance of poor scholarship. Conditions for the Scholarship were established by Deed of Trust in 1889.

The scholarship is open to application from all students who are under 19 years of age on 1 December in the year  of application and who have not enrolled or held any scholarship at any university.

The scholarships shall be awarded based on examination results in Year 13 level in Biology, plus four further results from Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, English, Geography, Physics and Pure Mathematics.

Please note that no application is necessary, student's applications will be submitted upon nomination.