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Rural Communities Trust

Provided by: Rural Communities Trust

Provided by: Rural Communities Trust

Value: Varying

Tenure: Unspecified

The Rural Communities Trust aims to assist individuals from rural areas gain a tertiary education. The Trust defines 'rural' as a town or district of less than 2000 people, or slightly larger, if there is no industry, or a rural district.

Funding priorities are separated into three categories:

  • Group A: individuals with specific health, educational, or social needs (Social includes sporting and cultural), living in rural areas, with an application which is well documented and supported, and which fall outside the criteria for Government agency assistance.
  • Group B: rural community groups and organisations who have shown some self help, and require top-up assistance for specific projects.
  • Group C: rural community groups and or individuals who may have received assistance from Government agencies, or other funding groups who require top-up assistance.

With regards to selecting candidates to award grants for tertiary study, the selection guidelines are as follows:

  • a student who is rural
  • has a proven academic ability
  • has shown a commitment to study
  • has set definite goals to achieve
  • may be studying Electrical Engineering
  • manages to successfully balance study with sport or recreation
  • has special circumstances
  • is preferably a second or third year student.