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Royce Nicholls Trust

Provided by: Royce Nicholls Trust

Provided by: Royce Nicholls Trust

Value: Varying

Tenure: Unspecified

The Royce Nicholls Trust invites applications from New Zealand citizens who intend to take up practical farming as a career or be engaged in some profession directly concerned with primary production and for which special training is required.

Grants are made available to students attending or desiring to attend a New Zealand Agricultural School, Polytechnic or University providing education in Farming or Veterinary Science.

Priority will be given first to applicants who are residents of the South Taranaki and Stratford Districts, then to residents of other areas of Taranaki and finally residents of other parts of New Zealand.

The amount of the grants awarded is dependent on the amount of funds available, which is determined by the number of students who received grants the previous year and have gained satisfactory results to return to study for the following academic year and the number of new applicants.