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BayerBoost Scholarships

Provided by: Bayer

Provided by: Bayer

Value: $6,000 for tertiary student (12 weeks), $5,000 for Year 13 secondary student (10 weeks)

Tenure: Three months

BayerBoost is an annual environmental scholarship scheme designed to give year 13 secondary school students and undergraduate students work experience in the environmental sciences while at the same time providing financial support to them for further study. It is funded by Bayer New Zealand.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to foster and support, in young New Zealanders, an understanding and awareness of New Zealand's natural environments and the issues surrounding the environment. You will gain experience in the application and use of science and technology, as well as gaining experience in working with an accredited organisation involved in environmental research.

The scholarship is available during the summer vacation period from 10-12 weeks.

To apply you must be either a New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident, or have a permanent Humanitarian Visa, be studying at a recognised New Zealand school or TEO and aged 24 or under at the time of applying.