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AUT NZSL Scholarship (NZ Sign Language)

Provided by: Ministry of economic Development

Provided by: Ministry of economic Development

Value: Varying

Tenure: One year

The Ministry of Economic Development have funded scholarships to support students who want to become qualified New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreters and to contribute to building a qualified national NZSL interpreter workforce to staff a potential future Videlo Relay Service.

In order to be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be NZ citizens or permanent residents
  • Intend to complete the Diploma in Sign Language interpreting (students who have successfully completed the Cert NZSLDS and meet the criteria to enrol into the Diploma are also eligible to apply)
  • Demonstrate an appropriate level of NZSL competency
  • Exhibit academic competency
  • Be of good moral character and repute
  • Indicate their intention to complete the Diploma programme and become a sign language interpreter in New Zealand


The scholarship will contribute to tuition fees for the second and third years of the Bachelor of Arts in NZSL. Approximately $5,800 (including GST) of which two thirds will be paid on award and the remaining one third on successful completion of the degree.