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I want to own my own restaurnt

I want to own my own restaurnt but not be the cook


Asked 24 Sep 2015 by Taimana K

Tagged with Management


Hi Taimana,

Would definitely be cool to have your own restaurant. There's a heap of ways to get into a position like that, with the most common being studying some kind of Hospitality Management, which you can do as a certificate, diploma or degree at institutions all across the country.

Hospitality Management gives you a really broad knowledge of all aspects of the hospitality industry, from managing finances to managing staff. Plus, working in hospitality means you get to meet a great range of different people.

We've got a couple of people who have shared their stories about being hospitality management students, which you can check out here:

More info on where you can study Hospitality Management can be found here:

Good luck!


Answered 25 Sep 2015 by Miah D

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