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After high school I want to study a degree but Im not quite sure yet which type of degree. I was looking at bachelor in business studies and so i was wondering if that paper can get me to become an accountant? Business studies was the only available choice at the institute I want to study at. What type of jobs can I get with a bachelor in business studies? Would I be able to work at a bank? How can I become an accountant besides studying a bachelor in commerce? It would help me big time if yous answer my questions.


Asked 5 Jun 2015 by Alisi N

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HI Alisi,

A fair few questions there!

If you're interested in being an accountant, then your best bet would be to do a bachelors degree. There are a number of tertiary institutions around New Zealand that offer degrees where you can major in accounting. Some examples of these are:
- Bachelor of Management Studies (University of Waikato)
- Bachelor of Commerce (University of Auckland)
- Bachelor of Business Studies (Auckland University of Technology)
- Bachelor of Commerce (Victoria University of Wellington)
- Bachelor of Commerce (Otago University)

Often students who have graduate with accounting majors/minors will go on to sit their CA or Chartered Accountants qualification through Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand ( Thsi qualification is like the icing on the cake for accountants and recognised that you have the skills and knowledge to be a confident business leader.

You can get into a huge range of roles with a Bachelor of Business Studies, however as you get into it and begin to think about your majors and/or minors you'll start to get a better feel for what you enjoy and what types of jobs you're more interested in doing. For example, you might study accounting, but decide that you're more interested in professional services and auditing then being an in-house accountant for an organisation. The opportunities are endless.

As for working at a bank, there are a huge range of different roles. It depends what you study and to what extent. You could start off working as a bank teller (you could do this part-time whilst studying even!), a branch manager, loans specialist or personal investment advisor. There are so many options in banking and finance and plenty of opportunities for career progression. There are also banks that offer internships and graduate programmes that you can do over summer in your last year of study, or once you've graduated. They are pretty competitive but if you strive hard you'll have a good chance of getting ahead as part of one.

Thanks so much for your questions, Alisi! I hope this information helps you figure out what you'd like to do.

Good luck!
Miah :)


Answered 17 Jun 2015 by Miah D

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