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Accounting Question


I want to become an accountant and ideally work for an international company so that I can work overseas.

Do you know if these types of companies look for graduates who have only studied accounting, or is it a good idea to take another subject as well? What kind of other subjects?



Asked 28 Mar 2013 by Matt A


Hi Matt,

Many people choose to study another subject in conjunction with their chosen major to broaden their career opportunities. There are a few different ways you can choose to do this:

1. Major in Accounting and minor in another subject offered within your degree programme
2. Double major in Accounting and another subject offered within your degree programme
3. Undertake a conjoint degree (studying two degrees at the same time), which opens you up to a whole new set of options for your second major.

As for the hiring preferences for large accounting firms, every one is different. However, you said that you would like the opportunity to work overseas. Perhaps you could choose a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Arts degree and major in a foreign language? This may increase your chances for overseas employment.




Answered 28 Mar 2013 by

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