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Good for CV?

I'm really interested in volunteering before I go to uni. I was wondering whether it is good thing to have on your cv? or if it's more of jsut a 'life experience' kind of thing.

Also, I looked at the website and it seems like the trips are for a specific length of time. Is it possible to stay on longer? or do I have to organise this myself?



Asked 28 Mar 2013 by Phillip H

Tagged with Volunteering in Goa


Hi Phillip,

Volunteering is great to have on your CV and should be looked upon favourably by employers. Immersing yourself in a foreign culture and helping others is definitely a great experience too.

If you click on the button 'Click Here to Find Out More' it will take you to the STA Travel website. Scroll down and you will see that that they offer several different packages from 13 nights to 83 nights.

If you want to travel within India following your volunteer experience, you will have to organize this yourself. However, I'm sure that STA Travel will be able to answer all of your questions and help you with a travel itinerary.



Answered 28 Mar 2013 by Robert M

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