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Criminal Justice

Hi by studying Criminal Justice at university will that enable me to become a Criminologist?


Asked 26 Dec 2016 by Amanda M

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Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your question. Doing a Bachelor of Criminal Justice will give you a very broad study into the whole criminal justice system and its processes. For example it can lead to a career in criminology, sociology or criminal law. It is up to you which path you would like to take and you can decide that by structuring your study around the papers/subjects which are relevant to the career you are wanting.

In your case, with criminology in mind, you would best pair a bachelor of criminal justice with a science degree. Depending on the tertiary institution this could be structured in several ways. Therefore I suggest your best option is to contact the university/faculty and ask for advice.

The University of Canterbury offer a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and you can email them at:




Answered 20 Jan 2017 by Nicola G

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