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We've got a super support package that will take all the doubt and hard work out of your first independent overseas experience. Leave all your worries behind and board the plane knowing that you all the support you need throughout your stay in Britain.
Work in Britain


  • Easy way to immerse yourself in society while earning a few $$!


The choice is yours! You can work wherever you want in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and do pretty much whatever you wish (some restrictions apply). 

Your Experience

Popular jobs include hospitality, retail, temp office work and career related jobs.


Before you go:

  • Visa Assistance (either for the 2 year Youth Mobility Scheme or the 5 year Ancestry visa)
  • Pre-departure support including assistance in booking flights and insurance
  • Work Britain Handbook full of lots of vital information to ensure your OE is a success - covering topics such as preparing for a year living overseas, finding employment, travel advice, taxes, arranging short and long-term accommodation, useful websites/newspapers and much more
  • General advice including budgeting
  • £10 London train and bus pass (Oyster Card) to transport you from airport to the hostel
  • International phone card with 5 minutes airtime plus a free credit bonus on top-up
  • Lonely Planet Britain guide

Upon Arrival:

  • Fully comprehensive arrival orientation in London with advice on CV formatting, employment and tax laws, getting a tax number, mobile providers, tips on how to find employment and accommodation and more
  • Access to exclusive listings of jobs and employment contacts
  • Unlimited access to support resources in London including computers, internet, printers, phone and fax machines for the full duration of the program
  • Bank account assistance to help you open one quickly and easily upon arrival
  • Access to social events and functions - meeting friends has never been so easy!
  • Mail holding and re-direction service
  • 24/7 emergency contact if something goes wrong

To be  eligible

You must:

  • Be 18–30 years old
  • Hold a New Zealand Passport valid for at least two years from your departure date
  • Show proof of funds of minimum £1800
  • Have never had a UK Working Holiday visa before
  • Be available for biometric testing in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Alternatively, if your parent or grandparent was born in the UK then you may be eligible for an Ancestry visa (we can still help you with this too!)

Please note: As of 6 April, 2012 the minimum proof of funds was raised to £1800.


  • On arrival - two nights accommodation at a hostel in London including breakfasts


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