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Make like speedy Gonzales and vamoose! USA has so many working options like becoming a counsellor at a summer camp! What a great way to let you experience local life in USA.
Work in a Summer Camp in USA


  • Lots of adventure and fun!


Summer Camp USA offers the unique opportunity to work with American children as a Camp Counsellor in summer camps across the USA - part of a great American tradition! Camp Counselling is open to anyone aged between 18 and 35 who have experience working with children. Positions fitting all skills and interests including sports, arts, waterfront, music and outdoor adventures are available. 

Your Experience

  • As a Camp Counsellor you will look after children, teach them activities and be a brother/sister/parent/ teacher/friend and role model all rolled into one! You’ll work with children aged 6-16 years old (mainly in the outdoors) at Summer Camps for 9 to 11 weeks from June to August in return for pocket money, all meals, all accommodation plus heaps of fun and adventure.
  •  Specialist Counsellor positions are available for people with refined skills in certain activities, while General Counsellor positions are available for all-rounders.

To be eligable

You must:

  • Be aged 18 - 35 years old (18 year olds are eligible, but must be mature with proven leadership and experience)
  • Be able to leave for camp between May and mid-June for at least nine weeks 
  • Be energetic, adaptable and genuinely enjoy working with or around children 
  • Have USD$600 proof of funds upon entry to USA
  • Be able to attend a US Consulate interview in Auckland.


  • Personal individual placement at an approved Summer Camp including free food, accommodation and in-hand salary (up to US$500 more than any other summer camp programme!)
  • J-1 visa support and processing
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Transport to camp
  • Ongoing extensive support including a 24 hour emergency contact number when in the USA
  • Funky t-shirt
  • International phone card with 5 minutes airtime plus a free credit bonus on top-up
  • Lonely Planet USA Guide.


  • First nights accommodation (if requested to transit through New York)
  • You’ll then live in a cabin with 6-10 campers and staff and do a variety of activities during the day. 


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