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Lucy Owen



Study Related Questions


What did you study?

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury.

Why did you choose this course?

My initial plan was to work on the commercial side of a Science company and so I knew I needed both the Commerce and Science degrees. However I had never done any business classes at school so went in blind. After my first year I found that I really enjoyed Accounting and so decided that this was to be my major. 

What did you enjoy about your course?

My chosen courses were very diverse and this is what I loved. I really enjoy a challenge and stepping outside of my comfort zone. You are responsible for your own learning at University and so self-motivation and dedication is key.

What helped you to successfully complete your course?

My course itself was very challenging but the rewards were worth it. It definitely helped that I was passionate about the course itself which definitely helped me both complete and succeed in my chosen fields.

What advice do you have for future students?

The study was hard but worth it for the opportunities that are now available to me; I can go into any industry and feel confident in my area of expertise to perform and progress within my role.


Occupation Related Questions


Describe your job.

I am working at Mainfreight Limited as a Graduate Accountant.

What do you do on an average day?

Every day here is different and I have had real responsibility handed to me within a short period of time. I am responsible for a variety of different tasks within the Accounts Team. At Mainfreight if you display hard work and dedication the opportunities are endless. 

What is the most exciting about your job?

Mainfreight has a strong and unique company culture which is clearly reflected in the team spirit of our people. Our culture of promoting from within continues to sustain a strong sense of family and every team member has a deep knowledge base. The best thing about working at this company is the team itself. Everyone is approachable and willing to help in any way they can.

What opportunities does your job offer?

The Graduate Programme at Mainfreight offers something for everyone; we have various roles in Transport, Logistics, and International. Mainfreight places a huge emphasis on training with both internal and external programs to help you reach your full potential. In this company we are all part of the team and I get to work alongside some of the best leaders in the county,

What skills, training, education or past experiences helped you secure your job?

While I was at school I was always willing to give everything a go I played a number of sports both team and individual and completed Outward Bound and the Spirit of Adventure. I think these activities and the part time jobs that I held showed that I displayed the qualities that are very important in this industry, including being passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic and  willing to learn.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future within this industry?

The Transport and Logistics industry offers a wide variety of opportunities to all as there are so many different aspects involved. I have been working at Mainfreight for almost a year now and my responsibilities are ever growing. I am sitting my first Chartered Accountancy exams in September and I plan to continue expanding my knowledge within Mainfreight.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to work in the Transport and Logistics industry?

The nature of the Transport and Logistics Industry means that we need to react very quickly for our customers. We need to be pro-active and take a long-term view so we can meet goals. The way the company will get there is to provide an environment for our team members to grow and experiment, succeed and fail but never to accept mediocrity. 

To do this every team member must demonstrate passion and dedication, enthusiasm and have a willingness to learn. If you want to get into this industry my advice would be to get some work experience whether it is paid or voluntary because the experience is invaluable.