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Sean Brennan


Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Music


Sean Brennan

I’m studying towards a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Music at Victoria University of Wellington.

Know your passion

At Victoria I have the flexibility to study two quite different areas of thinking—law and music. I chose to study Law in my second year after hearing about it from other students and watching a lot of Boston Legal. It's a challenging degree that provides me with different career opportunities that can influence change.

Volunteering for the student-led Community Justice Project, I've already had the chance to put what I'm learning into practice in a very real way—to help people understand what the law on paper means for their rights. I feel we need to do more to raise awareness of people’s rights. I think access to justice is one of the big problems with our legal system and I’ve found that getting involved in the Community Justice Project has helped me to affect change in a very real way.

Know you’ll get ahead

The lecturers at Victoria put so much time and effort into their students. It’s not just about giving lectures, but encouraging us to be open-minded, think freely and challenge fundamental norms. Learning from world-class academics is amazing, they really are leaders in their fields.

For me, the beauty of a law degree is the range of things you can do with it. You don’t just have to be a lawyer in a law firm. Wherever I end up in the future, I know Victoria is a well-respected and internationally recognised university. I'll leave here confident that I have the education and tools to equip me for going out into the world.

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