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Scott Brebner


Master of Design Innovation in Media Design


Scott Brebner

I’m studying towards a Master of Design Innovation in Media Design at Victoria University of Wellington.

Know your passion

I’ve always been obsessed with video games. As a kid I dreamed of making them as a job. When I was looking at universities, Victoria was the only one that offered Media Design. Being able to study exactly what I wanted drew me to Victoria. The range of courses impressed me, and I was able to put together a degree that had exactly what I wanted to learn.

My studies have a practical and hands on focus. The facilities at Victoria are amazing, we have full access to everything we need to really get in and build things—Victoria is the only place I can get this.

Know you’ll get ahead

At Victoria I’ve been able to collaborate with designers, computer engineers and industry experts. There is a close relationship between the University and the design industry and, as students, we are able to take full advantage of it. This means we are able to work with people in the industry as well as learn from them. I was part of a team who developed a game that won an industry award—giving me hands on experience that extends beyond the classroom. 

My lecturers have been out in the industry, actually doing the things they teach. I benefit from their expertise and from the engagement with guest lecturers who are working on real-life gaming projects. It’s these experiences and connections that set you apart from the crowd and will be a major advantage once I leave university.

Know you’ll be inspired

There is no shortage of places to find inspiration at Victoria—the lecturers, tutors and fellow students all have new ideas or new ways of looking at things that take you in a direction you would have never thought of alone.

The Design School is an amazing place to find new ideas, the building has been designed so you can be exposed to and explore students’ work across all subjects—this provides plenty of inspiration.

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