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Mayur Panchal


Computer Engineering Student



From an early age, Mayur Panchal was fascinated by how things work.

When he was ready for tertiary study, engineering at Victoria University of Wellington offered him everything he needed.

“When I was young I used to take apart remote-control cars and random electronics and then make Lego chassis and create different little engineering objects.”

Over the years, computer engineering became more of a focus and this was a major factor in Mayur’s decision to study at Victoria.

“Other universities I considered are trying to do a lot of things at once—they are catering for all branches of engineering but Victoria is purely focused on computers, so if this is what you are wanting to do, Victoria is perfect.”

Building robots and designing apps has allowed Mayur to stretch his practical muscles, taking the skills developed in the classroom into the real world.

“I’ve been working on my six-legged robot and am constantly coming across things it can’t do. It’s exciting to solve those problems and make the robot bigger, faster and able to do more things.

“I’ve also made an android app for Victoria which auto-logs students into services that the University provides. I want to add more functionality to it—in fact I have a backlog of ideas for the app!”

Mayur says it is exciting to understand that technology and computers are increasingly going to be integrated into everyday life.

“Tech is everywhere and I want to learn everything I can about it. Computers are going to become more and more important and I feel well set up for that future.”