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Kallie French


Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Marketing


Kallie French

I’m studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Marketing at Victoria University of Wellington.

Know you’ll be inspired

During my time at Victoria Business School I have discovered that marketing and business are something I not only want to do, but I actually can do. My lecturers and classmates have shown me ways to engage with the business world that I hadn’t thought of—this made me realise that I can combine business with my other interests and passions.

Sustainability is something that concerns me and I think the business world is in a strong position to make progress in this area. Victoria Business School has given me the opportunity to explore sustainability and business practices through my own research, and in the future I hope to start my own sustainable business. It’s amazing to have a goal and really believe it’s achievable. I wouldn’t have the confidence in myself if it wasn’t for my time at Victoria.

Know where to connect

During my first year at Victoria I built a great group of friends while living in a hall and from class. Having friends who are supportive and provide encouragement is really important. Victoria encourages students to connect. There are many groups you can join and big common areas to meet your friends—you will never feel alone.

Victoria has amazing connections with companies and industries in Wellington, and students are given every opportunity to make the most of them. The relationships that Victoria has formed provides students with the chance to get a taste of what working is like while studying. I had the opportunity to develop a business plan and present my ideas to the CEO of a Wellington business. Not only did I sit down and talk to a successful business person, but I was also able to apply my work to a real-world context. The CEO went on to implement some of my ideas, which was rewarding and encouraging.

The connections I’ve made through Victoria Business School will be important once I finish studying. Victoria’s connections and standing also mean I’m assured that my degree is high quality and will be valued by businesses.

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