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Dyalla Swain


Design Student



Dyalla Swain understands that good design is increasingly part of everyday life. By studying Media Design at Victoria University, she is setting herself up for the best possible future.

It was the variety of the Bachelor of Design study programme that drew Dyalla to the degree. She says it has given her the scope to harness her lifelong creativity and use it in new, exciting ways.

"I’ve always been a creative person and design is a really broad area. We learn about apps, games and websites so there is lots of opportunity to explore my ideas.”

Dyalla has also been able to include her love for music into her design work. She sees it as another way to enhance her work and says her lecturers have been really encouraging.

"In design, whether we’re making a video, a game or an app, it's got to have a sound component and through that I can really push my musical side.

"I’m able to explore my passion and the lecturers at the Design School really encourage that."

Any creative exercise requires inspiration, and Wellington city provides the perfect backdrop for the Design School and its students says Dyalla.

"The Design Campus is right in the city. We are influenced by the culture and as Wellington is such a creative space, it really reflects on our own work.

"Being situated in the middle of the town, means there are good ways to relax. There are bands to see, there’s always a coffee to be had. You can really connect with the people around you."

During her time at Victoria, Dyalla has realised design opens doors she hadn’t previously considered.

"Being immersed in the technology of the future is something really exciting to be a part of."