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Alice Lawn


Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering graduate


Blue hair and an exciting electronic career

Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering graduate Alice Lawn is enjoying free reign as a junior engineer at FlexWare Ltd—a fast-growing, Auckland-based electronic and software consultancy company that builds software and hardware. She cites morning coffee bought by the boss, all expenses paid conferences, and being allowed to keep her bright blue hair as the perks of her new job.

Alice is currently working on an Android app for one of FlexWare’s large corporate clients.

“There are only five people in our team, so I have been given a lot of responsibility to manage my own projects, interact with clients, and contribute to company decisions. All of which have given me real insight into how the business is run.”

Alice says that studying at Victoria set her up well for the future. She got the job at FlexWare after an internship at the company in her final year of study—but the range of experiences she had as an undergraduate also prepared her well for real life in the working world.

“My Honours project involved building a device that allows people with limited motor skills to use home appliances through facial movements. It was challenging, but rewarding, building a system and getting great feedback from people who would be end users who tried it out.”

While at Victoria, Alice says she embraced every opportunity that came her way, and engaged with her with fellow students to share skills and know-how on everything from project management and robots to sales pitches.

“The coolest things about being an engineering and computer science graduate are the great friendships I formed with my classmates, and my lecturers’ unwavering enthusiasm. The professional contacts I made through the Victoria Engineering Club also gave me a real edge when I was looking for a job.”

Alice says she is now equipped with the skills to build virtually anything she can dream of.

“At University I was also part of the team that built Michelangelo, the robot that won the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition in Melbourne. That was a really awesome experience.”

The future looks set to hold a lot of exciting experiences for Alice.

“At FlexWare I am leading a team to build a mobile app to be used in industrial settings including agriculture, forestry, truck driving and shipping yards.

“In my spare time I am also building a retro Nixie Tube Clock, furthering my Honours project, and researching a wearable cooling system for amputees. I have lots of new ideas, and it’s great to have the skills to really explore them!”