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Sophie Kyrke-Smith

Medicine Student


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What are you studying?

Medicine at Otago University

Why did you choose this course?

I have always been interested in Science, and in particular biology. I did all of the sciences throughout school and knew I wanted to do something related to this. It was in my last years of high school that I decided I wanted to become some sort of Medical Professional, as I liked the idea of working with people and doing what I can to make them better. I have always liked watching Grey’s Anatomy, House etc. and while I know real life Doctors are not really like this, I am very interested by the cases and situations on the shows.

What do you enjoy about your course?

I really enjoy being able to match a pathology that I have learnt about in class to a case we get given in tutorials, or in textbooks etc. There is a big difference between learning all the details and scientific causes of a disease and seeing how it presents clinically i.e. signs and symptoms. Putting the two together is very satisfying as you learn why the specifics of a disease cause the symptoms you are seeing.

What will help you successfully complete your course?

Studying consistently – as I only have 100% exams at the end of the year it is easy to sit back and not do much work as there is nothing to be working for specifically until the end of the year. Studying consistently will mean that I will not have such a big load of work to study if I have understood the concepts throughout the year.

What advice do you have for future students?

Make the most of tutorials and labs. These reinforce everything that has been learnt in lectures, and highlight the important points that you need to know. They are practical learning and therefore leave a more lasting impression than sitting in a lecture theatre and listening to a lecturer speak.