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Daniel Gearing

Marketing, Advertising and PR Intern


My time in Beijing provided me with the opportunity to work for a prestigious company that operates globally within the sphere of advertising, marketing and PR, and allowed me to gain a valuable insight into its operations in China. The unprecedented growth of consumerism resulting from Deng’s opening up of the economy has as its concomitant a growing appreciation for the importance of brand-based marketing and advertising in a highly profitable and rapidly expanding market. It is therefore a fascinating time to work within this field.

I worked for both a large international PR firm and also a joint venture between this company and a Chinese company. Projects ranged from devising multi-platform marketing strategies for clients such as Subway and Intel, to presenting research projects and translating and refining written documents. I particularly enjoyed work that involved promoting the identity of globally-recognized brands which were attempting to penetrate the Chinese market. The understanding of Chinese culture and society that I had gained throughout the MSc proved to be extremely useful whilst working on these projects.

My time in the company was particularly beneficial because I intend to pursue a career in this field. However, it also greatly improved my spoken Mandarin and was perhaps most valuable in teaching me about the very different way in which business is conducted in China. This awareness of the peculiarities of Chinese business culture and how it differs to that in the West has given me a perfect platform to pursue a career in China or within a company that has Chinese interests.