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Grafton Hall

Grafton Hall is a central city tower block, fully catered hall of residence, set in an attractive garden with expansive lawns.

It is situated on the Universities Grafton Campus, making it convenient to those studying at our Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences; and a short walk for those who study at the City Campus.

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International House

Set amongst mature trees and gardens, International House is located on the Universities City Campus, mere minutes from class, and is home approximately 200 students each year.

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University Hall

This ultra-modern dual tower complex is located on Whitaker Place, right in the middle of the Universities city campus and houses 442 students in single bedrooms on 13 levels.

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O'Rorke Hall

The closest of all the Universities halls of residence, O'Rorke is right next to the City Campus but also to Auckland's city centre.

O'Rorke is a fully catered hall, housing 352 students each year with an average of 25 students on each floor. 

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Huia Hall

Huia is home to just over 300 students each year. It is ideal for those students that like their independence, while still enjoying the student hall experience. Residents here can look after their own meals or sign up for one of  the meal plans available.

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