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Opportunities are everywhere! With the right skills and support you can work just about anywhere.
The Skills Organisation

The Skills Organisation helps New Zealanders gain the skills they need to grow and succeed in their workplace. Industry training is about people developing skills on the job and achieving the recognition and qualifications they deserve. We do this in different ways with programmes available to school students and to those who have started their careers.


Still at school?

The Skills Organisation works with students and schools to help the transition to the workplace. Our Gateway programmes allow students to experience the workplace and gain unit standards while they’re there.

Currently we offer Gateway programmes for:

Another part of the school-to-work transition programme is Bright Sparks, which has three parts including a qualification (National Certificate in Electronics Technology), a competition and online club.


Real skills for the real world

If you’ve found a job and are looking for an opportunity to develop your skills further The Skills Organisation can help. We provide support to you and your employer in gaining a qualification while you’re working.

The qualifications reflect the level of skill needed to do the role you’ve chosen. This choice could see you working through a four year apprenticeship or working through an industry-specific qualification pathway.


If you’re interested in problem solving, working on a team and looking for variety in what you do


Where to start! Variety, complexity and getting things working. There are a range of career options in the electrotechology sector. Your options include Switchgear Fitter, Electronic Security Technician, Motor Rewinding Technician, Industrial Measurement and Control Technician, Electrician, Electrical Appliance Servicing Technician, Electronic Security Technician or Electronic Engineering Technician.


If you’re looking for a career that offers diversity, challenges and the chance to work in the great outdoors, then drainlaying could be for you. You’ll work as part of a close-knit team, learning to think for yourself while using your natural energy, fitness and strong work ethic.

Plumbing and gasfitting

Not wanting a career where one day is exactly like the other? The plumbing and gasfitting industry offers big and small jobs, installation or maintenance. If you’re keen on troubleshooting and problem solving this is an industry that is demanding, social and satisfying.


Interested in a constantly evolving environment that creates new challenges as technologies advance and green building opportunities grow. Roofers need focus, fitness, an eye for detail and be willing members of a team.


Looking for something more than button pushing? If you’re interested in the latest technology and how it works you could end up working on satellite communications, complex phone systems or wireless technology.

Cranes and Elevating Work Platforms

Lifting, moving, slinging. The types of machinery and the job opportunities that come with them are as varied as the type of industry you could work in. Working with cranes suits those with a head for heights, are great listeners and work well with others.

Scaffolding, Rigging and Industrial rope access

Where you work changes as much as what you work on. You won’t just work on buildings. Scaffolding is used for concert and sports venues, boats, bridges and oil rigs. If you’re practical, have an eye for detail and are able to work well in a team then being part of a scaffolding crew could be for you.


As a people person you could have the skills that are perfectly suited for

Contact centre

A good communicator who works well under pressure? Working in a contact centre will see you information gathering, problem solving and dealing with people using different technologies (phone, email, chat).

Financial services

With a head for numbers and good communication skills there are a number of roles available in the financial services industry.

Real estate

You choose! The variety of roles allows you to chart your own course. Be it administration, sales, property management or branch management, your career path can be matched by your choice of training and qualifications.


Working as a security officer will see you working with a wide range of people, using your problem solving skills and being able to remain calm in stressful situations. Security guards work at events, on patrol, as part of noise control and secure transport teams. You will also see them working in courts, on sites (retail and construction) and as part of the community.


Looking for a challenge and the opportunity to put others first


Looking after the needs of others, dealing with stressful situations and helping save lives are all elements of what an Ambulance Officer does. You may already be volunteering for an ambulance service and want to take the next step.

Public service and local government

Learning and development are at the heart of the public service. The range of programmes on offer includes core public services, business administration and management, adult education, dispute resolution and compliance. More diverse, specialist programmes such as animal control, liquor licensing, parking enforcement, rates management are also covered.


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