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Henry Gray

Maritime Hospitality Crew Member


Henry Gray has collected so many facts and stories as a cabin attendant that he could be called a walking guide book. "I meet people everyday and I'm sharing ideas. I get stories about where passengers have been and pass them on to other passengers. It's good because you have to know what's around and where things are, so if you like facts and meeting people..."

Meeting people is one of Henry's favourite parts of the job. Before he applied for the cabin attendant position, he had a history in customer service. "I had worked in a bar and managed a shop. I wanted to get out of retail, but still work with customers."

Henry started working as a junior cabin attendant on the boat then worked in the information booth. He has now progressed to supervising other cabin attendants. "You have to be sociable and enthusiastic, not just about the job, but about your country. You also have to have a good general knowledge about your area, and about New Zealand wines and food."

Working on a boat is an unpredictable environment, which keeps Henry on his toes. "Every day I know roughly when I'll start, and roughly when I'll finish depending on the weather, but it's the filling in that time that's always different. Each sailing is different because it's a totally different group of passengers.

"One day we had just let the lines go and were starting to leave the berth. I was on the half-deck, and this guy came out and said 'look I've got my car keys and my wife's on the shore, and she can't drive off!' so I grabbed them off him and threw them ashore. Quirky things like that happen in this job!"