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Erin McMullan

Ticket Seller Cashier


Getting to see the latest movies was a major drawcard for Erin McMullan when she applied for a job at a cinema.

“I’m interested in film so it seemed like a good idea to work at a cinema. I get to see movies when they first come out and meet other people who are also interested in the film industry.”

Erin says it’s important to have an interest in all genres of film as often customers ask the ticket seller cashier their opinion before choosing a movie.

“Its surprising how many people come to the movies and don’t actually know what they are going to see or what the movie is about. You’ve got to know what’s on and what kind of movies to recommend to people.

“You also need to have a bit of personality and be confident talking to people you don’t know. Getting along with the other staff is also important, particularly when blockbuster movies come out and we are really busy. It can get stressful then, so you’ve got to have a sense of humour in the workplace!”

Most cinemas are divided into three areas of responsibility: ticket box, candy bar and floor, which includes collecting tickets and cleaning the cinema. Erin says ticket seller cashiers can expect to work in all these areas, particularly during quiet times. “During weekdays we don’t usually open the ticket box so you’d be selling tickets at the candy bar as well as popcorn and drinks.”

This means staff are trained in all areas of the cinema, which includes learning how to make chocolate coated ice creams. “We make the choc tops ourselves, which is quite an art. You get good at making them nice and smooth so they look like they’ve been made by a machine. You’d think that after spending the whole day rolling choc tops you’d be sick of them, but actually all you want to do is eat a choc top after that!”