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Paul (F&B)


Food and Beverage Manager


Study Related Questions


What did you study?

Queenstown Resort College Diploma of Hospitality & Hotel Management with ICMS higher Diploma of Hospitality Management.

Why did you choose this course?

I chose my course because of the potential future opportunities it offered. Hospitality is a global industry and it is constantly growing. Having the chance to be able to travel and work anywhere in the world sold it for me. It also offers a vast array of employment within Hotels & Luxury lodges, Restaurants & Bars, Cruise Ships & Luxury Yachts to name a few.

Studying Hospitality and Hotel Management in the world renowned tourist destination of Queenstown was another major draw card. To gain my Qualification and experience within a place that is solely built on tourism, to me nothing else could come close. At the college you are trained by current industry practitioners from international tourism and hotel operators. 

What did you enjoy about your course?

The college offered small lecture class sizes, this ensuring a very high standard of training.

Fully paid work experience within a Resort, Hotel or luxury Lodge during the course.

The chance to specialise your studies, within a high growth area of Hospitality Management.    Including International Resort & Day Spa Management, Event Management and Wine Studies.

What helped you to successfully complete your course?

Dedicated staff, support and vital resources on offer were a major contributing factor to my success at the college. Being able to meet and talk with industry experts and past graduates bought in by the college, allowed you to see success first hand and was a huge motivator for me.

What advice do you have for future students?

Hospitality and Hotel Management opens up a direction with endless opportunities only limited by your own desire, giving the ability to travel and work in any location in the world. The Qualification and experience I gained at Queenstown Resort College has allowed me to do so. If this sounds like you, go for it.


Occupation Related Questions



Describe your job.

I work for a lodge called ‘Blanket Bay’, which is widely acknowledged as New Zealand’s ultimate luxury lodge. I look after the restaurant and bar along with a highly skilled team, in offering high end guests with exquisite local and New Zealand cuisine all offered with world class service to give the guests a truly incredible fine dining experience.

What do you do on an average day?

Prepare the bar, dining room and private dining options for the evening’s service; work closely with our team of top chefs in discussing the six course evening menu which is unique, changed daily and tailored to the guests likes and dislikes along with their specific dietary requirements; meet and greet guests and cater to their every need and request, along with working in with all other departments of the lodge to ensure the guests stay is that of the highest level in which they come to expect when staying at such a place.

What is the most exciting about your job?

Not one day is the same; there are constant challenges we have to overcome which is all a part of working in one of the world’s best luxury lodges. To live and work in one of the most beautiful scenic locations anywhere in the globe makes you appreciate how lucky we are.

What opportunities does your job offer?

The ability to work in any other luxury Lodge, Hotel, Restaurant, Yacht or Cruise ship to name a few throughout the world.

What skills, training, education or past experiences helped you secure your job?

My study at Queenstown Resort College provided me with the necessary training and skills within all areas of an accommodation establishment. Having the backing of Cesar Ritz of Switzerland, and Sydney’s International College of Management on my Qualification I believe also helped.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future within this industry?

In the near future I intend to head to Europe within the next year to pursue a job in the Luxury Yacht industry. This will allow me to build on the high class service experience I have already gained with my work at Blanket Bay Lodge. From here I would like to work as a high level personal concierge to the rich and famous so who knows.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to work in the Hospitality sector/industry?

I believe that gaining some form of Qualification specific to the industry is largely beneficial and will give you a foot in the door. Although a Qualification for this industry is not essential, it will help you progress to where you want to be a lot faster and will allow you to know what area is best suited.