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Chloe Jackson


Massage Student


As a busy mum, Chloe Jackson needed to find a career that fitted around her lifestyle.  Southern Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage was the ideal choice that led Chloe to move to Invercargill to undertake the course.

After experiencing massage treatments in the past Chloe felt the area of study provided a good opportunity to develop a business whilst studying. The move also meant she was closer to family. “It gave flexibility of study whilst employed and it was an area (of study) with a future in it. SIT was where it was at.”

The nature of the work meant a constant graduation of hands-on practical work with clients, something she relished under the guidance of her tutors. “The programme has excellent staff, I would go so far to say world class in their field. We have a close relationship between our classmates and the tutors. It made the whole experience really quite enjoyable.”

Chloe has undertaken her last year of the course part time, allowing her to work part time after starting her massage business. “In year three there is a large business component and a lot of the hours meant I could do my own work, I could cross over work and study.”

Running the business was easy for Chloe, who already had past business experience. “I can pick and choose the hours and I work for myself. I just rent a room and pay for the space; effectively it’s my own business. It’s very low maintenance in terms of equipment.”

In future Chloe has her eyes set on teaching. “I found the experience with tutorial staff at SIT great and I’d like to be a part of it. I’m also looking at other ways to travel and expand the business.”

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