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Devon Turner

Hospitality Student


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What did you study?

National Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5 at NZMA.

Why did you choose this course?

My father had his own bars and I used to work in them.  I’ve always enjoyed hospitality.  My sister had studied at NZMA and really enjoyed it so I decided to enrol.

What did you enjoy about your course?

The product knowledge I gained at NZMA was really useful.  Although I’d previously worked in the hospitality industry, there were areas I didn’t know much about, such as wine.  NZMA helped me with that.  As well as gaining my diploma qualification, I made a lot of close friendships with other students and my tutors.  That was a real highlight for me.  I really enjoyed the two years I spent studying at NZMA.  Gaining my diploma was definitely worth it.

What helped you to successfully complete your course?

Working while I studied was really helpful.  NZMA Careers signed me up for part-time work at Eden Park while I was studying.  I started as a casual barman on game days and then started working functions as well.  A couple of months later I was asked to join the Beverage Team and then my boss told me she wanted me to lead the team!  Now that I have graduated from NZMA I am a full-time Corporate Beverage Supervisor at Eden Park.  I really enjoy my job.  I am a people’s person so I love the interaction with my customers and my colleagues.

What advice do you have for future students?

For students who want a career in hospitality, make sure you follow your dreams and finish your course.  It might feel like it is taking a long time and the work is hard – but stick to it because it is all worth it in the end.  I’m so glad I finished all my levels, because without those qualifications, I wouldn’t have the job I’ve got right now.