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Stephanie Mills

Account Manager for Huffer


As an 11-year-old, Stephanie Mills always had a fascination with clothes, mixing, matching and chopping up all sorts of things.

But it was at the age of 21, when she saw an ad in the North Shore Times for the NZFT, that she really started her career in fashion.

Stephanie left her bartending job and studied at NZFT for a year, doing the six-month sewing course and the six-month pattern making course.

"The six month sewing course was quite interesting. It's given me a good base for working with the garments. you've got to understand how a garment works to know what you're looking at when a garment comes in - so you can make comments and understand what you're talking about." 

She says she values the work experience given to her by NZFT and even landed her first job through her work placement.

"I interned at three different companies through NZFT and enjoyed every single one of them. A lot of people I studied with at NZFT got their job out of the work experience they had."

Employers are also aware of the reputation of NZFT and know that graduates from the institute will have very good sewing and pattern-making skills.

"I'm glad that I found the advertisement in the paper that day. It was a huge change and big step for me in life. I can see that I've got a good future ahead of me."