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A combination of years of experience, a great team of people and the ability to help students succeed and find employment in the fashion industry.
NZ Fashion Tech

At New Zealand fashion tech, we pride ourselves on graduates who have industry experience. Unlike many other institutions, our programmes require a compulsory internship for students in order to graduate.

These placements, equip our graduates with hands on experience, which often leads to further employment opportunities.

New Zealand fashion tech, stands out from other institutes, because of its commitment to producing and teaching skills that are of an industry standard.

We acknowledge that every student is unique and may have a different learning style. Class sizes therefore, are limited to approximately 15 students per tutor, so that everyone gets the help and attention they deserve. This allows for a tight knit and nurturing environment, where students get to know everyone in their classes. We pride ourselves on our positive and interactive learning environment. 

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