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George Youngman


Garden Nursery Advisor


A part-time job at a wholesale nursery further developed George Youngman’s  passion for working around and with plants. “Once I received the job at the garden centre, I knew it was the desired career for me.” 

To increase his knowledge and skills he decided to start the Diploma of Horticulture course. “I knew Lincoln University had a good name in the industry and I guess I was lucky living in Christchurch. Once I clicked with  horticulture I knew Lincoln was the obvious choice.”

George found the hands-on side of the course great, as well as the regular  contact with the course advisor which kept him on the right track.  “All staff are always willing and glad to be of help. Really, if it weren’t for their  guidance I’m not sure I would’ve done as well as I did!” Adding to this he says  that he loved the fact that he was studying exactly what he was passionate  about and wanted to do. He also enjoyed the social activities at Lincoln  University. “The Garden Party at the end of every year is a massive occasion.”

After successfully completing the Diploma of Horticulture course George  decided to progress to the Diploma of Horticultural Management. “It was great  learning the theory of horticulture at Lincoln University and then being able to  apply the practical aspect at my job.” 

When deciding what to study George advises students to choose an area they are very interested in. “If horticulture is your passion, give it everything you’ve got. It is a growing industry with plenty of room for other young people to get involved in.”