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Cameron Good CA


Major Projects Manager at New Zealand Rugby


Cameron Good

Major Projects Manager at New Zealand Rugby

What is your current role?

As major project manager I'm working on two key projects at the moment: the Rugby World Cup 2015 and also SANZAR, which is redesigning super rugby for 2016 onwards. So with Rugby World Cup it's all about us playing in the tournaments, making sure the All Blacks have everything they need to be successful and making sure that all of our sponsors and supporters have that opportunity to support the team.

With SANZAR, it's literally sitting there and trying to work through all of the competing interests to try and find a way to find a competition format that works for everyone.

How did you get to where you are today?

I spent five years studying accounting and law at Victoria University. I was lucky enough to get a role with KPMG in their graduate program coming out of university. So I spent four years there, which was a fantastic grounding working as a tax consultant. They put me through the Chartered Accountants Program as it was then. Then I got a three-week secondment to New Zealand Rugby to work on one little project. Some 11 years later I'm still here.

How has being a CA changed your life?

I think the key thing from becoming a Chartered Accountant was that recognition it gave me, particularly early in my career. With New Zealand Rugby, they were looking for people with that skillset at the time. So I had the analytical and numerical skills and was able to transfer them across into a rugby setting. I had a three-week opportunity to impress the people that worked here. Certainly my skillset and just that background and way of thinking really got me a foot in the door. As my career went on I've probably moved more away from that core accounting function but certainly those skills are still absolutely relevant on a day-to-day basis.

What are some of the highlights of your career?

I've been at the rugby union for 11 years now and if you think of the success we've had through that period, it's been fantastic to be around. For me, the career highlight was Rugby World Cup 2011. Obviously we won but I think seeing how that impacted New Zealand, seeing how the tournament galvanised everyone to just get out and support rugby was amazing. Probably the real highlight was three days of parades immediately after the win on the Sunday night. We flew around the country, put on three parades in short succession and saw thousands and thousands of people turn out.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Where do I see myself in the future? Certainly staying within this industry but getting offshore, I think, is probably something I'm very keen to do. It’s a career goal to try and take the skills I've learnt from New Zealand Rugby and move onto that global stage.

Any advice for those considering following the CA path?

It's hard work. When you start the Program you're making a significant commitment. But coming out the other side of that, what you've learnt through the Program as well as working, was of significant benefit to me. I thought having my accounting degree was enough but once I went through the Program I understood that there was a lot more to learn and getting that designation and that qualification sitting against your name is huge.

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