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Brooke Carrington


Hair Dresser


I started at Avonmore in April 2013. I have completed level 3 and level 4 hairdressing (also known as year 1 and 2). Next year I plan to complete year 3 Hairdressing

I currently work at Rodney Wayne in Hornby Mall on Friday and Saturday.

I began my hairdressing career whilst still at high school working as a casual at the local salon. This lead to my desire to become a qualified hairdresser. I have completed level 3 hairdressing with merit and I have recently completed and passed level 4. I have gained 4 pivot Point certificates during my studies. At my graduation from level 3 and 4, I was presented with the M.Y. Salon Award for student of the year, for my hard work and dedication

The things I enjoy most about hairdressing are:

- seeing the reaction of clients when they see a new hair style after a big change

- using a new product for the first time, especially when it allows us as hairdressers to achieve better results

- gaining a good rapport with clients and being able to hold interesting conversations

The tutors encouraged me to persist, even when I felt I could not achieve a desired result. I was constantly challenged and encouraged to leave my comfort zone. This has allowed me to strive to reach my full potential.