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About Airways

Airways is a State-owned Enterprise (SOE), a fully-owned subsidiary of the NZ Government operating as a commercial business.

We are New Zealand’s air navigation service provider (ANSP). Our 750 staff manage New Zealand’s 30 million sq km of airspace, providing air traffic control, surveillance, communication, flight inspection, mapping and airspace design services.

Airways looks after air traffic throughout NZ; at control towers located at international and regional airports; at NZ's military bases and in our two radar centres in Auckland and Christchurch. We work with government, regulatory authorities, airlines, airports and the general aviation community to ensure pilots, passengers and goods reach their destination - safely.


What is Air Traffic Control (ATC)?

In absolute simple terms, Air Traffic Controllers stop aircraft collisions in the air and on the ground.

The company does this through the provision of Air Navigation Services (ANS) and associated services in New Zealand and internationally.


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