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Writing a CV


Hi, I was wondering if this website has a tutorial on how to write up a CV or if there is any other useful websites that can help me with that? I am coming to the end of high school and is strongly considering full time work after. 


Hi Melissa, No we do not have any tutorials on how to write up a CV on this website but we shall consider this idea as future reference when improving our website. However, a website I can recommend for you is CareersNZ. I have already made a link for you to directly go to the CV help page on this website.

I hope this was helpful


Hello, are C.V chances different depending on the place or job they are handed to?


Abraham P wrote:

Hello, are C.V chances different depending on the place or job they are handed to?


Hi Abraham, 
If you are cold calling on different businesses for job opportunities, it is always best to ask to speak directly to the manager so you have the chance to speak with them and introduce yourself. If you are applying for a job advertised online, make sure you write a cover letter to go with your CV and address it to the person who is advertising the role. If no name is given, do a bit of digging on Google or the company's website to see who the HR Manager or Recruiter may be. 
If you would like help writing a CV and Cover Letter, we have a template which you can access here.
Good luck!

Hey, howdy!

I used this simple trick. I used to enclose my cv into an envelope and used leave a note at the bottom saying "for the Manager". And, let me tell you, it used to work a lot in comparison to giving the cv just as is. 

Hope this works with you!

If you need any help in building your curriculum vitae then you should consider visiting this site. They have some really good professional cv writers.


If you really wish to get the attention then it is always advisable to have a good network that would make your work easier ion the process. References do work a lot in these cases and if the person who is referring has a good reputation then the deal's done and all that you have to do is just be presentable in the entire conversation with the employer. Yes ,I said conversation and not an interview. 

So, yea, you do have a point there when you ask whether your cv has a chance. It does have a good chance when you create 'favorable conditions'.

Nevertheless, this was only considering that you have some really good connections. However if you really are trying to go the old school way then I'd rather say that you should do an awful amount of work onto your cv. The only thing with which you can make a good impact over the employer is through the words written over the 2 pages. And you only have those two pages to make an overall good impact. So, make sure you do your cv properly and if you need help from professional cv writers then I'd recommend these guys.

Good luck!

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