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Real Estate


Hi there, 

I am very interested in becoming a real-estate agent-either commercial or residential, I'm not too sure yet. 

What is the difference between the two and do you need to study to become one? 


Jono :) 


Hi Jono, 

Thanks for your question! 

So basically, a residential real-estate agent primarily sells houses/apartments to individual customers/families.  

A commercial real-estate agent however primarily sells/leases things such as office space, warehouses etc. 

Yes, you need a licence to sell property in New Zealand. 
There are multiple ways of obtaining your real-estate licence, however, the main ways of doing so include: 

-Sitting your licence while working for a real estate company (such as while being an office assistant). This way is beneficial as you are sitting your licence while obtaining real-life experience. 

-Sitting your licence at an educational institution to learn the regulations concerning property and to obtain your licence. 

-Unitec offers courses in real-estate 

Additionally, check out the careers NZ website to gain a better understanding of what qualifications and experience you need in order to sell property. 

I hope you this helps you, 

Maddy-SchoolConnect :) 

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