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Hospitality Industry



The hospo industry really appeals to me - where can you study hospo and what are the career paths you can take? 



Hi Charlie, 

Good question! You can study hospitality at a range of institutions around the country depending on what it is you want to study - this is great as it means your can exercise great flexibility of where you live and study etc. 

There are a range of subjects you can study - from hospitality subjects in general (bar-tending, waitressing, chef, hotel manager, kitchen assistant etc) to cooking, culinary arts and food safety.  

Click here to find out more about where to study, and here to view all the career paths! 

I hope this helps, please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any further questions, I'm more than happy to help! 

Maddy - SchoolConnect :) 


There are many career paths that fall under the Hospitality field. The range of jobs that are available in this industry ranges from the cleaner or room attendant to the post regional manager/ director etc.

This is a huge field and to explain this in a better way I have found this site that provide a nice visual representation of the career opportunities that are present in this field.

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