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Hi there, 

I am really interested in becoming a vet, where can I study this and what subjects should I look at talking in 7th form to ensure I get in? 


Maddy :) 


Hi Maddy, 

Thanks for the question-and great name!! 

Studying to become a vet sounds like a very rewarding degree. 

There is only one place to attend 'vet school' in New Zealand and that is Massey in Palmerston North. They are a world renowned vet school, on par with many of the North American schools in terms of the course they offer! 

It is HIGHLY recommended that students enrolling for Veterinary Science have a background in Chemistry, Biology and Physics to at least NCEA Level 3 (or equivalent) prior to enrolling in the pre-selection papers in Semester One. It is also recommended that students have taken at least one mathematics subject to NCEA Level 3 (either Calculus or Statistics or Modelling). Recommended minimum of NCEA Level 2 in English.
Please note: many of the students applying for selection into the veterinary programme have recently completed chemistry, biology and physics to NCEA level 3 as this is the recommended level of preparation prior to undertaking the pre-requisite papers. As you will be competing against these students, you need to ensure you are as well prepared as possible to give yourself the best chances of success. If you have not taken biology, chemistry and physics whilst at high school or if you have not studied in the last three years, it is recommended that you complete catch-up study in the subject area/s prior to enrolling in the pre-selection papers in Semester One. 

Historically, many students who enrolled in the pre-requisite papers without a science background have struggled significantly and achieved a grade that reflected their preparation level rather than their academic ability. As such, it is better to undertake an extra period of preparation and apply for selection at a later date, than to attempt the pre-requisite papers underprepared and potentially reduce your ability to be successful. 

Massey University offers foundation (catch-up) papers for all three science subjects internally (on-campus) and by distance (correspondence). These classes are 123.103 Introductory Chemistry, 124.100 Foundations of Physics and 162.103 Introductory Biology and are offered in the Summer Semester, which runs from mid-November through to mid-February. Students currently taking NCEA level 3 would need to apply for discretionary entrance if they wish to enrol in the summer semester. 

Short (sub-degree) courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are also available at the Palmerston North (Manawatu) and Auckland (Albany) campuses. 

If you require further advice on your preparation for the intermediate semester please contact

I hope this helps, 

Maddy-SchoolConnect :) 


I want to become a vet and I was wondering if their were was any place in the UK that I could study to become a vet using NCEA qualifications


After I finish my five year vet course at Massey am I a certified vet anywhere in the world or just New Zealand. 

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