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Hi there, 

Im just a bit worried about tying myself down to a certain job for the rest of my life if I do an Accounting and economics degree-does this mean I will have to only ever work in Accounting sections of businesses? 




Hi there Jason, 

Good question, I actually had the exact same question when I was looking into degrees at university. 

The answer is no. Definitely not. The great thing about business degrees is that they enable you to exercise a lot of flexibility throughout your career path as they teach you how to think logically, strategically and analytically; all assets which all business firms value in all roles. 

So, for example, you may study accounting, yet at the end of your studies decide that you do not want to become an actual accountant. However, the skills you would have acquired at University would equip you well for working in the wider business sector including: Banking, finance, consulting and many other roles (marketing, management, sales etc).

Additionally, there are things called graduate programmes that many New Zealand employers offer to graduates. Many of these programmes enable graduates to work in various sectors of the company-giving them insight into how each sector operates. Often, at the end of these 2-3 year programmes, the graduates and their manager will have a clear indication as to where they perform well and will most likely end up working in that section-even if you did not major in it. 

I hope this helps, 

Maddy-SchoolConnect :)  

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