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I am still unsure what i want to study and because of this i am looking at the possibility of starting University next year but in the July semester, to give myself a bit more time. My main question is do i have to still apply for scholarships now or do they come around again before the July semester? And what are the advantages/disadvantages of starting in July compared to at the start of the year??


Hi Billy,

Scholarships are usually available for students who are doing a full year of study, so starting half way through the year is a bit of a disadvantage as scholarships and grants are lot more scarce. You have a couple of options, 

1. Work out what you want to do by the end of this year so that you're ready for semester one next year or,

2. Take a gap year next year, earn some work or travel experience and start fresh the following year.

Usually many students your age tend to find it hard to figure out what they want to do after high school, sometimes it takes a lot longer than a year to figure it out, which could mean study may not be for you. However, if study is something you want to continue doing, then take a look at the subjects you are taking at the moment and your interests, then take our career quiz. Hopefully the career quiz can steer you in the right direction. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Hope this was helpful




can we apply for a lot of scholarships? or can we only apply to one?

Maxine C wrote:

can we apply for a lot of scholarships? or can we only apply to one?

Hi Maxine, 
You can usually apply for as many scholarships as you want, however some scholarship applications will ask you if you have applied for or received any other scholarships to make the application fair and to spread the scholarship love around a little more. 
The other side to this is if you're applying for an employer-sponsored scholarship where part of the package is the opportunity to intern with the company. For example, you could apply for law scholarships with both Bell Gully and Russell McVeagh, but in the instance that you're offered both, you can only accept one, as you can only work for one firm at a time. 

I hope this has helped!


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