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Majors VS Double degree


What is the difference between doing 2 majors or a double degree? 


Sam P. 


Hi Sam, 

Im glad you asked this, a lot of students get a bit confused about this one. 

-Basically, conjoint and double degrees are more intense programmes where you study for two degrees, letting you mix subjects to suit your strengths and career aspirations. 

The time taken is shorter than a double degree and requires a good level of academic progress to stay in this programme. Students can choose to complete conjoint degrees from their second year of study. They are not available for first-year students.

-Doing 2 majors is very common at university, this means you study towards completing 1 degree, yet you have 2 areas of focus which fall under the larger category. For example, you may decide to do a business degree and select Marketing and International business as your majors.  

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other question. 

Maddy-SchoolConnect :) 

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