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Is AUT University the best place to do a business degree?


Hi, My names Kathy and I am currently in the last year of high school. Most of subjects are business related such as Accounting and Finance. Is AUT the best place to do my business degree?


Hi Kathy, In my opinion, I would say yes, being a AUT business student myself. AUT's business school has been regarded as one of the best in New Zealand. One of the reasons why is because of the variety of majors it provides. Most degrees have limited majors and are often restricted to just the core subjects such as finance or accounting. Furthermore, with more variety comes opportunity and AUT allows you to do so. Another reason is the work experience opportunities. At the end or close to the end of the degree, AUT has a final paper called co-op, which encourages students to look for jobs on their own and gain work experience and applying what they have learned in class at the work place. Lastly, AUT's classes are very hands on, there are smaller lecture classes which allows the lecturer to interact with students. This is very handy as students sometimes find it hard to concentrate when they are in  a lecture theater full of 200 students. So there is  my rationale as to why you should strongly consider AUT University.

I hope this was useful.

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