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I don't know what to do after I finish this year!?


I want to go to University and I know some of the study fields that I'm interested in but I just don't know how to put them together to make a degree. 

Could you please help me out?

I'm interested in Ditigal Media Design, Computer Science, Journalism, History and Advertising.

But if I were to do school over again I would take the qualifications to make me a Veterinarian or a Nurse or maybe even a Doctor.

I want qualification that will get me a high paid job and something that I'm passionate about.

 I'm totally confused and have know idea what to do!


Hi Michelle,

Have you taken our Career Quiz yet? If you haven't, I would recommend you to take it. Also could you tell me what subjects you are currently taking at school? 



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My school subjects are: Statistics, Graphics, English, Visual Arts (Design) and Business.

I have taken the Career Quiz, Matching careers I recieved were Author, Copy writer, Theatre Producer things that im not really interested in.

But the subjects were great: Advertising, Art History, Journalism, Graphic Design, Digital Media Design 

All the things I'm interested in, I'm also interested in computer science 


Ok, you can definitely get into Graphic design with the subjects you are currently doing. You can also do business. But first check out some of the institutions/Universities who offer business or graphic design. I know that AUT's Bachelor of Business offers design as a major alongside advertising, etc.

Hope this was helpful


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