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Exchanges at Uni


Hi there, 

Do universities offer overseas exchanges while studying? Eg opportunities to study overseas for a year. 

Let me know! 




Hi Adelaide, 

Thanks for the question, I'm sure this has crossed many other students minds. 

Most defiantly, many of the universities have relationships with foreign educational institutions across the globe. 

The great thing about exchanges is that they do not add any additional time to completing your degree. Instead, the points earned in a foreign university directly cross-credit and go towards completing your New Zealand degree. 

Typically, students will do an exchange in their final year of study for half a semester.

Its a good idea to keep in mind when starting out your degree that these programmes are quite competitive, so the University typically selects people with a B+ or above average. 

Here are some links to various universities exchange programmes: 

Victoria University OE 

University of Auckland OE 

Canterbury University  

Otago University 

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions! 


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