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Hi there, 

I am quite keen on getting into advertising, I am currently in year 11 and taking economics, accounting, technology materials, Media and geography and NCEA level 1 mathematics. 

Can you suggest any other subjects I should be taking in order to prepare myself for advertising at uni. 

Also, where can I study advertising? 


Charlie. S 


Hi Charlie, 

Cool, advertising is a great area to pursue. 

Those subjects all sound great, I would however suggest taking English and Design in year 12/13. This is because in Advertising, a lot of what you will be doing will revolve around words - both creatively and strategically. Design will help to assist you with your creative thinking and your drawing / spatial skills - both relatively important aspects in the advertising field. 

In terms of where you can study, click here to compare and contrast what each university has to offer. 

Hope this is of some help, please let me know if you need advice on anything else, more than happy to help! 

Maddy-SchoolConnect :) 

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