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Wanting to study commerce-best subjects to do?


Hi there, 

I am very interested in studying business. I have seen that there is a very wide variety of subjects available under the 'Commerce' umbrella. 

I have always been good with numbers and logistical reasoning, which majors would you suggest looking into? 

Many thanks, 

Ben Barrett.  



Hi Ben, 

Great question, I know it can be confusing when researching which majors to take as there are so many! 

At the larger universities (Victoria, Auckland and Otago), the first year consists of between 6-8 core papers that all commerce students must take in order to progress onto second year. 

So basically, after competing these core papers you should have a fairly good idea of which areas you enjoy and from there, make a call on which majors you want to pursue.

If however you are interested in and good with numbers, do some research into Accounting, Finance, Tax, and Economics majors as see if any of these appeal to you. 

Let me know if you need any more help with anything!

Maddy-SchoolConnect :)  

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